who is Ciriaco Brown?

Ciriaco Jiménez Brown, also known as Ciriaco Brown, is the character's "real" that gives its name to the space and whose presence is felt in every corner of the room. This low-life, without well-known work, was born in the 40's, in the bosom of a family lineage in madrid. To a Spanish father and English mother, Ciriaco understood from a very young age when to use their last name: Jimenez to impress the society authentic and Brown in the areas more international.

Eager for new adventures and lover of luxury and comfort, has always known how to dazzle your interlocutors and to get from them what best meets their benefit, which is no other than to work a little and enjoy a lot. 

How does it do it? Is one of those people whose charisma and presence make you feel lucky just to be included in their plans. His smile causes that chills you feel when you're not sure of the legality of what you're doing, but at the same time you know that you can't miss it. His gaze is warm and full of energy you are urged to grab life by the horns and burn it, with the certainty that when you tackle the day of judgement will come with a body battered and well used.

Ciriaco Brown has never had money problems, not only because of the support of family, but because you don't like to spend too much; your wallet doesn't comes up if it is not "strictly necessary". It has an ability is staggering to get people offer to pay gladly drinks. As he always says, "the nice, don't pay, that is a thing of nasty".

Ciriaco Brown was always a lover of travel, know the 5 continents, and as you can imagine, a book full of memories I would not give to all their battles. Has always had the ability to be in the exact era in its rightful place. Even before the arrival of the world, "influencer", many wondered if Ciriaco Brown chasing trends, or was the own trend itself.

There are so many things that you have done that has become a legend, and like all legends, it is sometimes difficult to discern what is real history and what is fantasy. Many places to enjoy the "dolce vita", running in the San Fermines with Hemingway, spending the night with Mata Hari, or at the funeral of Marilyn Monroe, for they were great friends.

But, how is it really Ciriaco? Ciriaco Brown smell Varon Dandyor , better said, the Varon Dandy smells Ciriaco. Smoke Cohíbas, who sends his friend Raul (Castro), and if not, you will smoke anything, but always tell you that you are Cohíbas. And, to turn it on, it always uses matches; lighters are a modernity that "it's going to go out of style". As for the drink, only sipping scotch, malt 50 years, and if there isn't anything that you can serve in a glass on the rocks.

The music he likes most is the one that does not prevent him from speaking, and creates the perfect atmosphere to whisper in your ear. Your presence at any event is like a magnet to the fascinating stories, and intriguing characters. People wonder if he created the trend or if you simply knows how to anticipate it with mastery. Your ability to be in the moment and place accurate has led many to speculate if Ciriaco is a time traveler, or simply a man with an innate sense of the opportunities.

Ciriaco Brown, an enigmatic and legendary, whose life is full of eccentricities and fascinating experiences continues to be a source of wonder and mystery. Its existence seems to be a collage of moments, epic, combining the mundane with the extraordinary a manner that only the true bohemians can understand. The legend of Ciriaco continues to grow, transcending time and leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of those who have had the privilege of crossing its path.

But if there is one phrase that defines it above all, and that has become the motto of this house is:

Let's all comfort!